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Hello there. New year, new projects. It’s been lovely meeting with new young moms and realising there’s so much more we can do to help them re-write their narratives.

We will resume our young mom events in Nairobi back in July 2018. For now we will maintain our social media presence. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can reach out to us.

We have a new wing dubbed “Wezadada Highschool edition”. This is where we visit girl high schools and teach SELF LOVE, SELF CARE AND MINDFULNESS. In the angle of sex education.

Our aim is to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy in our beloved country. We are beginning with schools in North Kajiado and a few schools in Nairobi. We will also work on distributing pads to girls in need. As you may have hard, girls are giving in sexual favours to get money for pads.

Change starts with you and I. Let us work towards being the change we would like to experience.

Till later,


Wezadada <3


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I read. I love reading because sometimes it is my only window to the hope of building big dreams . I wonder how some of my friends hate to read, that its boring and a waste of time. Like, how do you make sense of life?? I ask. That is just me and my reading culture.

Where did it all begin? When I was younger my mom bought me books as presents, books as toys and books when she felt happy; even for herself. Not that I did not have dolls and other toys that girls did, because I had a collection of dolls and I was their salonist and therapist. However, books were very present in my space.

So, from earlier on in my life, I was reading. At first it was ginger bread man and Cinderella, then a bit more wordy books and when I was 12 years old I got the power of a praying kid, Nancy Drew and other small sized novels which I would finish within a day or two. I loved how while reading I did not have to be at home alone, bored but I could go to other peoples houses, towns and countries and enjoy it while it lasted.

The point where I started reading inspiration books just sort of happened and I began to want to do what I had dreamed after all those years of reading and building castles.

I got a baby when I was a teenager, not related to books and reading at all but now I would also like my son to be a reader. Why? It soothes the soul and also gives you reason to be and a guide on how. When you are young it molds your intelligence and gives you a better perspective on having big dreams and wanting to achieve them.

Reading is also an attractive trait and a good way to keep busy.

I am a reader and I’d like my baby to be a reader. What about you??

till later,

wezadada <3